Thiqah, the house of digital transformation in Saudi Arabia... Hive Studio and Thiqah cooperated to launch a unique campaign to celebrate 10 years of work in the Saudi market. Our campaign featured a monumental 3D animation Video, creative visuals, and active participation in major Saudi events. Our support extended beyond visuals, enhancing Thiqah's achievements over the past decade. We created a campaign that resonated with audiences and showcased Thiqah's digital prowess.

01. 3D Animation

3D Animation video that collects the 10 years of work in numbers to be presented uniquely to the audience.

02. Creative Visuals

Prepare creative visuals to be published on the social media platforms to keep fans connected to Thiqah achievements over the 10 years.

03. Event Materials

Using our visuals and video to be the main introduction for Thiqah’s participation in local and international events.

World ofMarvel & Creativity

“Through our meticulous attention to detail & innovative techniques, we brought celebrations to life in ways never seen before. The combination of stunning visuals & 3D animation making each celebration truly unique and unforgettable.”


Hours of Work


Talented Artists


Creative Visuals


Animated Videos

Case Studies

Thiqah 360 Campaign

Watch our 3D Animation & Digital Media Campaign for Thiqah - Saudi Arabia

Jetour Launching Campaign

Our Launching Campaign for Jetour Automotive Brand in Egypt.

SLing Ramadan Campaign

Our Creative campaign for SLing TVC, the campaign included different creative copies & Digital Media