Collaborating with SLing, the prominent Arabic TV network app in the United States, we spearheaded a vibrant Ramadan campaign. Our team created a viral jingle TV commercial, complemented by visually engaging assets and animated promos. This endeavor showcased Sling's unique offerings and became a sensation during the holy month.

01. Jingle

Create a catchy jingle that increases Ramadan vibes to the target audience to keep them connected to the platform.

02. Media Production

Create different situation videos that relate to the audience’s life and the benefits of Sling.

03. Creative Visuals

Create different types of visuals that are used for social media platforms and other AD platforms.

The power ofCreativity & Innovation

“We believe in the power of storytelling and engaging visuals to connect with our target audience. The Sling Campaign perfectly encapsulates this belief, combining a compelling TVC video, a catchy jingle, and creative visuals across digital platforms.”






Creative Visuals


Dedicated Team

Case Studies

Thiqah 360 Campaign

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Jetour Launching Campaign

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SLing Ramadan Campaign

Our Creative campaign for SLing TVC, the campaign included different creative copies & Digital Media