Bringing Taiwanese street food culture to Egypt with Shihlin was a challenge met with creative finesse. Collaborating with actor Mohamed ElSharnouby, we crafted a compelling video production that set the tone for the campaign. From creative social media assets to media buying and PR collaborations, the Shihlin campaign became a huge success, introducing a unique culinary experience to Egypt. 

01. Social Media Marketing

Launching the brand’s digital assets in Cairo to increase the brand’s publicity led to an increase in the footfall of the restaurant.

02. Media Production

TVC video production with Mohamed ElSharnouby to be the face of the brand in the launching phase and increase the brand’s reach, in addition to the photo sessions for restaurant meals.

03. Offline Activations

Different offline activations during teaser and opening phases to grab audience attention and link them to online platforms.


"At the heart of this campaign were our innovative visuals that not only captured attention but left a lasting imprint on the audience. Beyond the digital realm, our offline activations further amplified the campaign's impact, connecting with audiences in diverse and memorable ways.”


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Case Studies

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