Simple steps to develop Mobile application

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First off all you need to know there’s a big difference between Mobile application and Mobile website

Mobile application, you can downloaded from an online store like Google play or app store then saved on your smartphone, and in most cases it does not needed an internet connection to work

Mobile website, no need to download you just needed to access an internet connection and typing in website URL in the navigation bar.

Hive studio well tell you about Mobile application (mobile app) are software programs developed for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets,  Mobile applications frequently serve to provide users with similar services to those accessed on PCs. Apps are generally small, individual software units with limited function.

There are three biggest app stores:

Google play for android, App Store for IOS, and Microsoft Store for Windows.

Major steps to create a successful mobile app

Step 1: imagination and Identify

You need to keep in your mind the target users of an application, enhance the success ratio of app. Mobile platforms and devices should be chosen keeping in mind hardware performance, battery life, ruggedness and required peripherals. Confirmed factors that need to be considered while selecting mobile platforms and devices includes coverage, device support, performance and other features.

Step 2: Design or create your appshutterstock_714655705

Designing your app is yet another important factor responsible for success of an app in the market. An app developer should focus on the UI design, multi-touch gestures for touch-enabled devices and consider platform design standards as well. Today, assurance is on the UI design of an app as it plays a crucial role in the success of an app. Designing an app is becoming increasingly popular as it create an instant impact on the mind of the user while include usability of an app.

Step 3: Select the right approach for developing an app

Native apps are expensive as well as time taking to be developed and deliver the highest user experience amongst all the approaches, Web apps are quick and cheap ones to develop. These are developed using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript code. These web apps are less powerful than native apps, Hybrid approach is the latest approach to develop any app, the developer augments the web code with native language to create unique features and access native APIs which are not yet available through JavaScript.

Step 4: Develop a prototype and integrate an appropriate analytics tool

A prototype makes it totally easier to sell your idea to potential buyers who can now actually view the tangible benefits instead of just visualizing or reading product description. It is quite helpful in attracting investors and working with manufacturers and finding licensees, there is also a need to incorporate appropriate analytics which gives you a detailed picture of how many visitors use your webs, how they arrived on your site and hshutterstock_425037427ow can they keep coming back.

Step 5: Release the app

The major topical of Deployment Management is to ensure the integrity of the live environment is protected and that the correct components are released.

Step 6: should be kept in mind Major input metrics

There has been significant rise in the mobile app users in the present decade. As a result, the need to collect careful metrics is highly important. As the number of consumers using mobile applications steadily rises, there has been significant rise in the mobile app users in the present. As a result, the need to collect careful metrics is highly important. Unfortunately, many of the methods used to measure apps are taken from web analytics. Unfortunately, many of the methods used to measure apps are taken from web analytics.

Step 7: update your app with improvements and new featuresshutterstock_115185322

Becomes important to update your app with improvements and innovative features, a mobile app without, innovative features lose its usability in long run.  Updating your app with innovative features enhances its visibility along with downloads of an app. Also ensure you keep updating your app to meet new guidelines offered by the various platforms, don’t let your apps stagnate.