How To Support Your Business In The Midst Of Covid-19 Crisis

June 13, 2020Digital MarketingMarketing


Five months have passed since coronavirus (Covid-19) has invaded the world, flipped our lives, sent all economic scales swirling.

Many businesses, even entire industries got affected. Some of them are fighting to survive such as travel agencies, insurance, transportation, and real-estate industries, while others are booming and living it to the highest including, but not limited to, healthcare, pharma, media, finance in addition to food and Beverages industries.

Meanwhile, Marketing plays an essential role for both parties. As it’s obviously crucial for booming business to stand a strong marketing base to reach that broad customer base. It will also be an essential part of the recovery of some industries to get back on track.

Consequentially, we – in Hive Studio – are sharing with you some business tips to support your business during these crisis-ridden fluctuations.


Tip no. 1:  Internet Business is now in the spotlight:

Whatever the nature of your business, there’s always a way to convert all of your business’ operations online.

After the invasion of COVID-19, many corporates started to move their operational business community to work from homes. Others, as well, bring their products and services to be provided online such as: educational institutions, retail companies, the banking sector, and much more.

The benefits of doing business online are endless, starting from minimizing overhead, increasing flexibility, being open globally to unlimited markets, using digital marketing which considered a low-cost marketing tool in addition to the ease of transactions and the fast delivery of products and services, and the list goes on and on…

Now many companies are actually studying the decision to convert all of its operations to be done online even after the pandemic is over.

Keep in mind that this will not just save the business in the meantime. However, it will open future opportunities that cannot be ignored or abandoned because your business and the variety of online tools available are constantly changing and evolving.

Therefore, NEVER hesitate to start your online business. NOW is the perfect time to DO it.


Tip no. 2: Content Marketing is the “King” :

The most powerful and strongest piece in the game of chess is the “Queen”, as it’s able to move any number of squares vertically, horizontally or diagonally. That’s the same here now for “Content Marketing.”

As a result of the cancellation of upcoming events, you need to extend your digital content marketing efforts to guarantee a steady and timely communication with your customers.

Create content that’s relevant and valuable to your clients. Stop the conventional and traditional content or the personal branding type of content, yet focus on that personalized and customized content.

Now it’s not the suitable time to jump in and sell a product, but it’s the perfect time to lean into it, listen, start a conservation, build a steady relationship with your customers and that will create you an infinite number of opportunities that you may pick its fruits now or after the pandemic.


Tip no. 3:  Don’t take advantage of the situation:

As a company, if you find you are doing something that doesn’t seem ethically right, please STOP.

You can simply find the answer when asking yourself, Are you helping your customers or benefiting from? Are you helping society or spreading fear and anxiety? Are you working to minimize the impact of a fatal public health crisis or defend your business model and profits?

And be a hundred percent sure that whatever you are doing now will affect your brand image positively or negatively according to your current strategy. People remember who gives them a hand, and who was just taking advantage of the situation.


Tip no. 4: Build communications with your prospects:

It’s critical now to take away from the immediate sale and stop pitching your product. Because this shall pass whether it’s corona-virus, recession, bankruptcy, or any severe situation. In the end, time heals all those wounds and when it passes, things will definitely be better.

So Instead of getting people focusing on the bad effects and problems they are having right now, support them to see the goals and aspirations in the future. It’s your turn to reach out to people and asking how to help them, therefore this will build a rapport between you and your prospects.


The golden rule has always been to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think from the perspective of your clients. You will inevitably find the key there. Yes!! It’s important to show empathy and compassion. However, providing hope, help, and solutions that really matter, is undeniably essential.