Explainer Videos

Simplify complex ideas and captivate your audience with engaging explainer videos that convey your message with clarity and charm.

Character Animation

Bring your characters to life with personality and flair. Whether it's for marketing purposes, entertainment, or educational content, our character animations are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Motion Graphics

Add a touch of magic to your presentations, advertisements, and social media content with captivating motion graphics that grab attention and convey your message with style.

Digital Painting Videos

Immerse your audience in a world of beauty and imagination with our 2D digital painting videos. From captivating landscapes to intricate portraits, we breathe life into digital canvases, creating stunning visuals that evoke emotion and inspire.

Jingle & Cartoon Animation

Spark joy and nostalgia with our 2D jingle and cartoon animation services. Whether you’re looking to create catchy jingles for advertisements or charming cartoons for entertainment, we infuse every frame with personality and charm, ensuring your message resonates with audiences of all ages.

2D Motion Graphics

Elevate your brand and captivate your audience with our dynamic 2D motion graphics. From sleek animations for presentations to eye-catching visuals for social media, we specialize in creating motion graphics that command attention and convey your message with style and impact.




Global partners

From local businesses to regional enterprises and global brands, our diverse clientele attests to the universal appeal and impact of Hive Studio's media production services.


Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

M.+966 56 156 3512
M. +966 59 141 2529

Egypt, Cairo

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T. +20 25241201

USA, Wilmington

T. +1 302 440 8223

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